fields is a print publication designed to spotlight writers, musicians, poets, painters, illustrators, and creative types of all stripes, with an emphasis on the up and coming and the unsung. We are interested in the everyday people who create and write and make and express themselves in multitudinous ways. fields is about the idiosyncratic pursuits that occupy our time and enrich our lives. Our articles, interviews, and essays are an exploration and celebration of the means by which the human spirit manifests itself.

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editor in chief
Sean Redmond

Althea Lamel
Sunny Leal
Sarah Jane Quillin
Nina Wexelblatt
Kimmy Whitmer
Kelsey Williams

associate editors
Katie Lauren Bruton
Mariel Lindsay
Tay Marie Lorenzo

Naya Clark
Eleanor Eichenbaum
Adam Fales
I. Feigle
Paul Stinson

Ivan Alonso
Janina Hartley
Sean Redmond

John Gosslee

Nia KB