issue 8

Issue 8 features profiles of San Antonio’s art/dance collective House of Kenzo and Chicago artist Paul Erschen, as well as interviews with artists Alejandra Almuelle and Drew Liverman; poets Kaveh Akbar, jayy dodd, and Monica McClure; author Jennifer Murvin; and writer and artist Gregor Weichbrodt. The issue features a portfolio of photography by Shawn Bush, an essay and photography by Lauren Moya Ford, and a host of visual art, short stories, and poetry.

Featured artists:
Kaveh Akbar
Alejandra Almuelle
Shawn Bush
Marie Conlan
Kate Csillagi
jayy dodd
Eleanor Eichenbaum
Paul Erschen
Lauren Moya Ford
Jonathan Blake Fostar
p.e. garcia
Maria Giancola
House of Kenzo
Taisia Kitaiskaia
Benjamin Larose
Jessica Lieberman
Drew Liverman
Monica McClure
Jennifer Murvin
Kate Nacy
Roni Packer
Mike Soto
Gregor Weichbrodt
Minoosh (Raheleh) Zomorodinia

Cover image: Paul Erschen, Cushions (2016)

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issue 7

Issue 7

Issue 7 features a profile of Chicago no wave punk act Forced Into Femininity and interviews with artists Tammie Rubin and the New York-based duo MSHR. It also features interviews with poets sam sax and ir’ene lara silva, the author Wendy C. Ortiz, and sound artist and curator Tara Bhattacharya Reed, as well as a collection of interviews with Austin-based Latinx artists Karma R. Chávez, Adrienne Dawes, Maribel Falcón, Chitah Daniels Kennedy, Jose Padilla, and Jesus I. Valles. It includes short stories from Andrew Cothren, Shannon Perri, and Anna Rimoch, and poetry and visual art from a wide array of artists, including a portfolio of photography from Courtney Allen, whose work is featured on the cover.

Featured artists:
Courtney Allen
jasper avery
Lauren Ball
Tara Bhattacharya Reed
Michael Brown Jr.
Karma R. Chávez
Monica Claesson
Andrew Cothren
Ryan Thayer Davis
Adrienne Dawes
Dalton Day
Maribel Falcón
Forced Into Femininity
Vanessa Marie Gonzalez
ena ganguly
Chitah Daniels Kennedy
Caroline Larsen
Jakob Maier
Sangram Majumdar
Anna Meister
Wendy C. Ortiz
Jose Padilla
Shannon Perri
Este Puerta
Anna Rimoch
Isabelle Rose
Tammie Rubin
sam sax
ir’ene lara silva
Jesus I. Valles
Xiaoyan Zhao

Cover image: Courtney Allen, Texas Pink (2016)

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issue 6


Issue 6 features profiles of Chicago noise legends ONO and Seattle poet and columnist Sarah Galvin, a portfolio of new paintings by Austin artist Kevin McNamee-Tweed, and interviews with artist Andrea Joyce Heimer, author Karan Mahajan, video and installation artist Taxiplasm, and poets francine j. harris and CAConrad. It also features new fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art from many artists from around the world.

Featured artists:
Stephen Barichko
Renee Branum
Audrey Brown
Brian Clifton
Janelle DolRayne
Nicholas Finch
Robert Franklin
Sarah Galvin
Amy Gentry
francine j. harris
Kat Hartley
Andrea Joyce Heimer
Eric Ingram
LK James
Karan Mahajan
Shaina Mahler
Sarah McCall
Kevin McNamee-Tweed
Brittany Means
Sophie Mollart
Kate Monica
Jolie Ngo
Precious Okoyomon
Kristin Posehn
Ekaterina Vanovskaya
Rachel Veroff
Julia Wright

Cover image: Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Green Sun Yellow Reflection Red Land (2016)

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issue 5

Issue 5

Issue 5 features profiles and interviews with poets Mira Gonzalez, Ji yoon Lee, Julia Lans Nowak, and Jayson P. Smith; author Antonio Ruiz-Camacho; artists Caleb Hammond, Ellen Nielsen, and Rand Renfrow; and musician Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Advance Base). It also features a 28-page portfolio of work from the studios of Afrofuturist artist Angelbert Metoyer, and a collection of sumi ink drawings from Austin artist Greg Piwonka, whose work is featured on the cover.

Featured artists:
Daliah Ammar
Owen Ashworth
Olaya Barr
Nat Bradford
Alison D. Moncrief Bromage
Ling Chun
Michaela Cowgill
Hannah Dow
Reed Clovis G
Tyler Gobble
Mira Gonzalez
Rachel Guest
Alex Haber
Caleb Hammond
Ji yoon Lee
Peter Longofono
Grace Lynne
Elisabeth McAvoy
Angelbert Metoyer
Jason Namey
Ellen Nielsen
Julia Lans Nowak
Terrence Payne
Greg Piwonka
Rand Renfrow
Antonio Ruiz-Camacho
Jayson P. Smith
Adam Soto
Fran Tirado

Cover image: Greg Piwonka, Strange Angel (2015)

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issue 4

Issue 4

Issue 4 features profiles of New York-based conceptual artist Kate Weigel and Chicago poet and filmmaker Dakota Loesch; interviews with Austin slam poetry champion Loyce Gayo, Montreal’s dark synth chanteuse Marie Davidson, artist David Kramer, and authors Nick Jaina and Lily King; a portfolio of work from colored pencil master Joe Sinness; short stories from Elisabeth Murray, Jo Vraca, and Torrie Jay White; and poetry from Madeleine Barnes, Ally Covino, Brett Foster, Brad Liening, Jake Matkov, Austin Rodenbiker, and Cassandra Verhaegen. It also features artwork from Kimberly Benson, Diane Englander, Maggie Hazen, and Manik Raj Nakra, whose piece Untitled (from The Tigering! series) adorns the cover.

Featured artists:
Madeleine Barnes
Kimberly Benson
Ally Covino
Marie Davidson
Diane Englander
Brett Foster
Loyce Gayo
Maggie Hazen
Nick Jaina
Lily King
David Kramer
Brad Liening
Dakota Loesch
Jake Matkov
Elisabeth Murray
Manik Raj Nakra
Austin Rodenbiker
Joe Sinness
Cassandra Verhaegen
Jo Vraca
Kate Weigel
Torrie Jay White

Cover image: Manik Raj Nakra, Untitled (The Tigering! Series) (2012)

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issue 3


Issue 3 features profiles and interviews with artists including Jonny Negron, authors Malcolm Brooks and Susan Hope Lanier, experimental beatmaker Gobby, punk trio Xetas, and others. It also features short stories from William Akin, Zachary Kocanda, and Meredith Luby, and poetry from Greg Lawless, Liam Powell, Tatiana Ryckman, and others. Kendal Kulley is the cover artist, and the issue features a portfolio of her work.

Featured artists:
A.K. Afferez
William Akin
Amy Bedik
Paul Bregazzi
Malcolm Brooks
Peter Burzynski
Patricia N. Dalinis
Sousan Hammad
Dougan Khim
Zachary Kocanda
Kendal Kulley
Susan Hope Lanier
Greg Lawless
Meredith Luby
Kikuko Morimoto
Jonny Negron
Liam Powell
Tatiana Ryckman

Cover image: Kendal Kulley, Impression (2013)

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issue 2

issue 2 image

Featuring profiles of LA punk-pop songwriter Colleen Green and Louisville’s Cropped Out festival; interviews with poster designer Anna Wanda Gogusey, writer Elizabeth Crane, and zolo keyboardist Slugbug; and a portfolio of images from traveling cyclist/photographer Greg Clarke. Also features short stories from Hannah Pass, Elizabeth Crane, and Zoë Miller; poetry from Chad Bennett, Paula Mendoza, Jim Redmond, Malcolm Friend, Erin Mullikin, and Leslie Marie Aguilar; and visual art from artists including Jonas Criscoe and Timothy D. Brenner.

Featured artists:
Leslie Marie Aguilar
James Ardery
Chad Bennett
Timothy D. Brenner
Elizabeth Chiles
Greg Clarke
Elizabeth Crane
Jonas Criscoe
Ryan Davis
Malcolm Friend
Anna Wanda Gogusey
Colleen Green
Dyllan Hersey
Paula Mendoza
Zoë Miller
Erin J. Mullikin
Hannah Pass
Jim Redmond

Cover photo: Greg Clarke, Shea Hopping on a Freight Train (2013)

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issue 1

fields Issue 1

Featuring interviews with poets Jaclyn Dwyer and Christopher Salerno, Field Studies tape label head Eric Hanss, author Roxane Gay, the screen printer Justine Kelley, and Montana-by-way-of-Austin duo The Be Helds. Also features a profile of poet Derrick Brown and Write Bloody Publishing, photography portfolio from Canadian artist Kensey Crane, fiction by Megan Anderegg Malone and Kyle R M, and new work by Sheila Heti & Ted Mineo.

Featured artists:
Lynn Baik
Derrick Brown
Sandy Coomer
Kensey Crane
Jaclyn Dwyer
Roxane Gay
Ben Grant
Eric Hanss
Sheila Heti
Justine Kelley
Kyle R M
Chris Maddox
Megan Anderegg Malone
Alex McClurg
Karyna McGlynn
Ted Mineo
Daniel John Muñoz
Christopher Salerno
The Be Helds
Wenxin Zhang

Cover design: Lynn Baik, Wallpaper Project Print #3 (2013)

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