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Myra Lara

With Seattle’s annual Short Run convention just around the corner — an underground comics and art festival — it seems fitting to chat with an illustrator who’ll be boothing at the event this year: Myra Lara. While she’s long been interested in comics, she’s especially focused her energy on it in recent years, getting published in various comics publications in the city (like Thick as Thieves) and an Ignatz-nominated anthology, La Raza Anthology: Unidos y Fuertes.

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three poems by Calen Firedancing

Calen Firedancing is a black queer poet, filmmaker, and undergraduate student at Williams College, majoring in English and Africana Studies. Originally born in Los Angeles, Calen now calls Phoenix home when he is not in Massachusetts. Here are three of his poems from our spring/summer 2018 issue.

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In “Holes,” a story excerpted from her new collection Pretend We Live Here (Future Tense Books), Genevieve Hudson plumbs the depths of Claire’s emotional and physical struggles to heal after a throat operation. An old love reemerges through social media to haunt her, tugging loose old memories, and she reflects on the transitions she’s made since their time together.  

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by Shannon Perri

Two months into the fall semester, Caroline found herself at her first real college party, not counting the horrifying fraternity bash a girl in her freshman seminar had begged her to attend…

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