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in review: Belly Up

In Belly Up, all of Rita Bullwinkel’s characters are ghosts, haunted, or both. The cast of ghosts includes: dead strangers, dead husbands, dead neighbors’ husbands, husbands in prison camps, the people that frequent 24-hour donut shops, Floridians, and more.

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weekend links: bad art, Earth Overshoot Day, The New Mods

There exists bad art, intentionally bad art, art remarking on bad practices, and art modifying bad practices. This week in weekend links, we’re reading about bad versus good art, Earth Overshoot Day, and a photographer’s series of stock images showcasing “The New Mods,” a group of young women who seek greater visibility for modestly dressed, typically religious young men and women in the UK media.

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weekend links: Mickalene mimicry, R.O. Kwon, Civilizations

At what point does artistic emulation and inspiration become plagiarism? In weekend links, the writer R.O. Kwon (of The Incendiaries) shares that she keeps a giant, running document of bits and pieces from books she loves; meanwhile, the photographer of Rihanna’s Vogue shoot faces accusations of ripping off the work of artist Mickalene Thomas. In other news, the PBS series Civilizations offers a supposedly new look at the global history of art, leaving us with a bigger question: what does its title mean? This and more in weekend links.

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things we like ft. Nkosi Nkululeko

Nkosi Nkululeko's work explores the body and how bodies grow into citizens of unjust worlds. The recipient of fellowships from Poets House, the Watering Hole, and Callaloo, Nkululeko shares with us some of his current favorites, including music from R+R+NOW, Rosalind E. Krauss’s Passages in Modern Sculpture, and the works of Isamu Noguchi.

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