Your Ex Is a Metal Pole

by Jaclyn Dwyer

you licked once, now here ice-bitch cunt will never
let go. Took all you wouldn't give. Claimed our first
kitten, snapping tail like twig. We excise anger with
dead fish and fantails, but she's picking our trash
again. Your ex is a metal pole milking a storm,
every word a solar flare, electric lust, some sad call
no one listens. I'm a bad ass. I'm so broken. She's eaten
all their ears. Chews rubbers to ribbons. Trims
bush to burnish. She's stripping the fence, vacuuming
our dog. Your ex is a metal pole bucking strippers.
Any man will leave a foaming stray. Bully spraying glass.
Your ex shucks skin from bone. Cyber stalks. Cries rape.
Begs sex. She's a metal pole thrust through a fixed
carousel pony, lips pulled back in shellacked scream.

issue 1, workSean Redmondpoetry