weekend links: Austin art spaces, Intermural Art, Ieshia Evans

Brad Downey
Brad Downey

Brad Downey, Inside Out, Upside Down [detail] (2014). Image courtesy of Brad Downey/Hyperallergic.

Austin’s arts communities are under threat from accelerating rents, and nowhere is the struggle more acute than in East Austin. In response, Mayor Steve Adler signed the “Austin Music and Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution” in March, tasking the city’s Music and Arts Commissions with working to create actionable measures  that can be taken to alleviate the problem. The process is ongoing, but is it too little, too late? [Glasstire]

On the topic of art space, Austin’s Co-Lab Projects has been without a home for quite some time now. They operated a pop-up spot in Canopy (which housed Angelbert Metoyer’s Life Machine show, one of our favorites of 2015), and now they are hosting shows at an abandoned storefront on Congress. Adam Crosson’s Room With a View is currently on display, now through August 6. [Austin American-Statesman]

Slam poetry gets a bad rap—unfairly so. What makes a poem for the page different than a poem for spoken performance? As Eve Ewing reminds us, poetry originated as an oral art form, so why would anyone think less of poets who specialize in reading their work out loud? [Catapult]

There’s nothing we at fields love more than putting a name and historical context to a movement. So imagine our excitement when we learned that Street Art, as a period in art history, was over. Welcome to the age of Intermural Art; what an exciting time to be alive. [Hyperallergic]

You’ve all seen the image of protester Ieshia Evans staring down the riot police in Baton Rouge. She’s been simultaneously compared to “Tank Man” at Tianenmen Square and to Beyoncé, but you probably didn’t see the comparison to Christ in an El Greco painting or a medieval woodcut. Behold, the power of the perfectly posed photograph. [The Stranger]