weekend links: Eileen Myles, Lou Barlow, Texas writers

Eileen Myles
Eileen Myles

Eileen Myles. Photo courtesy Lit Hub/The Paris Review.

Good news for book lovers! Looks like print’s not dead after all. And people told us we were crazy to make a print-only journal. No crazier than Don Quixote, Hamlet, and so many other heroes of Western literature! [The New York Times]

More good news: Eileen Myles is finally getting her due! Also, apparently she lives in Marfa. Looks like it’s time to plan another trip. Here’s an interview she did with Ben Lerner. If you need me, I’ll be packing my suitcase. [Lit Hub]

In an unexpected blast from the past, Lou Barlow opens up in a long, heartfelt piece about social anxiety. For a guy who played in a band called Deep Wound, such a confession may not exactly be revelatory, but he touches nerves that a lot of people can probably relate to. [Psychology Today]

Austin band Moving Panoramas celebrates the release of their debut album, One, tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Frontwoman Leslie Sisson recounts the horrifying kidnapping that helped inspire the album in this personal account, proving once again that good things can come from terrifying experiences. [Austin Chronicle]

Texas Monthly has identified 10 Texas writers to keep an eye on (and read, obviously). There are some big names (Merritt Tierce, Cynthia Bond), some local favorites (Mary Helen Specht, Fernando A. Flores), and a slew of other notable authors. [Texas Monthly]

—Sean Redmond

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