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Juiceboxxx. Image courtesy IHEARTCOMIX/juiceboxxx.com.

The Internet was aflutter this week with news that Kermit and Miss Piggy had split up, proving that a) true love is a lie and b) people care way too much about the fictional lives of puppets. But amidst all the hand-wringing, one writer dared to say what none of us were probably thinking, but should have been, if we’re going to take it all so seriously. [New Republic]

This may not come as a surprise, but did you know that the world of animation was once a crude, misogynistic place? Worse, it may still be, according to some Disney and Pixar employees. I always preferred Don Bluth anyway. [Buzzfeed]

Remember Juiceboxxx? No? That’s probably for the better. But buried beneath way too much talk about the rapper and his friend Leon Neyfakh in this essay are some noteworthy ruminations on the nature of music criticism. [The Point]

The full list of authors participating in this year’s Texas Book Festival has been announced, and there are certainly a lot of them—300, to be exact. You can find the full list here. And, in a perfectly timed coincidence, here is an interview with TBF literary director Steph Opitz! [Conflict of Interest]

And, last but not least, The Austin Review editor Michael Barrett wrote a fantastic piece about Austin’s literary history and all the cool things happening here on the literary scene right now. And he mentioned fields! We are touched and honored. A toast to the Austin lit scene! [The Guardian]

—Sean Redmond

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