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Zulu zine
Zulu zine

Joseph Donahue has been releasing poetry since the 1980s. He teaches at Duke University, and he’s not exactly unknown—John Ashbery remarked back in 2003 that Donahue was “one of the major American poets of this time.” But lately it seems he’s slipped into obscurity; his latest poetry collections don’t even appear on his Wikipedia page. Michael Leong sets out to rectify this with a review of his recent work, pushing for wider acclaim for this “underrecognized master.”  [Hyperallergic]

Pablo Neruda, on the other hand, is a poet that certainly can’t be considered “underrecognized.” Apparently he’s one of five poets Americans are most likely to name, alongside Shel Silverstein, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, and Dr. Seuss. A collection of Neruda’s “lost poems,” translated by Forrest Gander, will be released next month, and apparently they are “pretty good, actually.” Fun fact: I almost complimented Forrest Gander on his New Directions T-shirt once. Then I realized who he was. [The Stranger]

This week is the last week of operation for Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft, so if you live in the area, go pay it one last visit. It’s considered the oldest continuously operating craft institution in the U.S., and it will be sorely missed. This piece makes clear the significance of its closing, presenting an in-depth look at the history of the museum and the rise of America’s craft movement. [Hyperallergic]

The University of Kansas recently acquired a treasure trove of radical zines, ensuring that Lawrence remains the only place in Kansas worth visiting. Regardless of how you like your Leftist politics, we can all probably agree that the artistic value of these zines is extraordinary. [Hyperallergic]

In non-Hyperallergic-relatednews: Artist and activist Marilyn Minter teamed up with Miley Cyrus for a project benefitting Planned Parenthood, which is so charmingly 2016. Minter has some great things to say in this interview about feminism, politics, and the art world. (We agree that people should “get loud.”) [Artsy]

Our new favorite thing: Lego Karl Ove. [Instagram]

With the impending losses of Salvage Vanguard Theater and the Off Center, Create Space Austin—a volunteer team of theater professionals—is working to secure space for the future of Austin’s dramatic arts. Way to go, y’all. [Austin Chronicle]

—Alyssa G. Ramirez and Sean Redmond

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