Issue 3 Release Party

Issue 3 Release Party slider
Issue 3 Release Party slider

This Saturday, at Cheer Up Charlie's, we will be celebrating the release of the third issue of fields. Issue 3 features profiles and interviews with artists including Jonny Negron, author Susan Hope Lanier, experimental beatmaker Gobby, punk trio Xetas, and others. It also features short stories from William Akin, Zachary Kocanda, and Meredith Luby, and poetry from writers including Austin's own Tatiana Ryckman. Kendal Kulley is the cover artist, and the issue features a portfolio of her work.

Copies will be on sale for $10.

The event will feature performances by Caroline Says, Party Girl, Beth Israel, Marriage, and Xetas.

$3 suggested donation. 9pm. First band plays at 9:30.

More information can be found here.

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