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Gary Indiana
Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana, Untitled (2013). Image courtesy of The Paris Review.

Sarah Lucas, the 1990s’ “rude girl of British art,” entrances journalist Olivia Laing in this profile. Laing writes, “[w]hen I finally left Lucas’s house, I had the insistent thought that this must be what it’s like to meet a cult leader.” Intriguing. [T: The New York Times Style Magazine]

Gary Indiana’s art is exactly what you’d expect from a man named after the Hoosier State’s most notorious city, boasting black and white snapshots of detritus, pornography, drug-induced delirium, and other out-of-focus imagery, both figurative and literal. Besides collage and photography, Indiana also writes stories, plays, and poetry, and he wrote the obituary for Susan Sontag in the Village Voice back in 2004. Check out more on this Renaissance man and his latest art exhibit at The Daily. [The Paris Review]

Authors and academics Kayla Wazana Tompkins and Rebecca Wanzo discuss the questionable socioeconomic and racial politics of Broad City. Read to the end for Wanzo’s spot-on defense of criticism’s place in taste cultures. [Los Angeles Review of Books]

Two Dutch photographers have spent decades documenting European groups’ styles in their series “Exactitudes.” In this interview, Ari Versluis discusses the process that he and his collaborator Ellie Uyttenbroek use, as well as technology’s role in the unfortunate subsumption of subcultures into the mainstream. [The Cut at New York Magazine]

In the second installment of The Material, a series in which writers document the evolution of a work, Ethan Rutherford shares the inspiration behind “Ocean Songs.” I prefer his working title, Moby Dick 2: Moby Dicker. [Covered with Fur]

A history of Austin’s Laguna Gloria, from its stint as the residence of Irish-Texan badass Clara Driscoll through its recent reinvigoration into a contemporary sculpture garden boasting works by Tom Sachs, Do Ho Suh, and more. [Austin Chronicle]

Just what you’ve always dreamed of: a map of every city that Willie Nelson has sung about. And in other Willie Nelson news, guess who’s opening his own weed dispensaries. [Texas Monthly]

—Alyssa G. Ramirez

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