East Austin Studio Tour 2016

The East Austin Studio Tour is back! Hopefully you saw some of it last weekend, but if you're just starting out, you've still got plenty of time to see the highlights. We've put together some of our favorites to help you navigate the more than 500 galleries, studios, and homes that have opened their doors to the public. First and foremost, we recommend the three large art complexes that serve as the hub of East Austin's art scene: Canopy, Pump Project/ICOSA, and Bolm Studios. Artists to watch include:

Canopy: Elizabeth Chiles, Hollis Hammonds, Alexa Johnson, Elizabeth McDonaldPump Project/ICOSA: Jonas Criscoe, Kate Csillagi, Betelhem Makonnen, Caitlin McCollom, Seth SchwaigerBolm Studios: ATM Gallery, Not Gallery, Ryan Davis, Kevin McNamee-Tweed

Pussy Bites Back
Pussy Bites Back

Kate Csillagi, Pussy Bites Back (2016), on display at ICOSA

These are some of the more popular locations, and with good reason, so hit them up first. If you're looking to get off the beaten path (or you visited these spots last weekend), here are some more galleries that we recommend visiting, along with some of the noteworthy artists on display:

Art is Cool:Hakeem Adewumi, Dawn Okoro, Beth Consetta RubelCAMIBAart Gallery:Edward Lane McCartneyCement Loop: Ryan Sandison Montgomery, Justine Beech, Lisa ChoinackyFisterra Studio:Tammie Rubin Luna House:Yvonne Montero and Terra SchneiderMASS Gallery: Trenton Doyle Hancock, Hollis Hammonds, Lee Baxter Davis, Alyssa Taylor WendtMuseum of Human Achievement: Miscellaneous artists

In addition, there are a number of individual artists worth checking out, including:

Andrew AndersonKC Crow MadduxTeruko Nimura

1800 Lucky Cats
1800 Lucky Cats

Teruka Nimura, 1800 Lucky Cats (2016) on display at the Austin Animal Center

We hope that these selections will help you as you guide your way through this year's East Austin Studio Tour. For additional recommendations, check out these picks by various gallerists and artists for Arts Alliance Austin, or these choices by Left/Right. You can also sign up for a tour at The Museum of Human Achievement. And, as always, be sure to peruse the catalog to get a taste of all of the artists presenting, so that you can choose the artists that speak loudest to you.


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