Disparate Elements No. 4

Disparate Elements No. 4
Disparate Elements No. 4

Join us on Saturday, November 12, at ATM Gallery/Studio for a special East Austin Studio Tour edition of Disparate Elements. We're teaming up with TABLOID to bring you four wonderful poets: Allyson Erwin, Stephanie Goehring, Danyelle Hamilton, and Julie Kantor. As always, drinks will generously be provided by Hops and Grain. We hope to see you there!

About the authors:

ALLYSON ERWIN lives and writes in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her work oscillates between poetry, memoir, and an obsession with obsessions. She uses language as a tool to identify meaning through the exposure of patterns and connections within her personal history.

STEPHANIE GOEHRING is the author of two poetry chapbooks and her full-length manuscript Curtsy was recently named a YesYes Books semifinalist. She serves on the advisory council for Conflict of Interest, which covers Austin art and literature, and slings books at Malvern Books. Find her online at StephanieGoehring.com

DANYELLE HAMILTON is a misbeliever from rural Michigan. Her written works, including recently self-published Fellow Feeling and ***Special Request, have been described as lyric, gritty, and elegiac. She lives in Austin, Texas, teaching preschool and practicing surfaceslessness.

JULIE KANTOR is a PhD student in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin where she works on affect, cosmetic procedure, reality television, and Texas tyke football. Her poetry has been published in Boston Review, A Public Space, Maggy, Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal and others. Her chapbook, LAND, was published by Dikembe Press in 2015, and her work was recently translated into Ukrainian for the new Anthology of Youth Poetry of the US.

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