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AnnieLaurie Erickson
AnnieLaurie Erickson

AnnieLaurie Erickson, 29°59'23.45"N, 90°25'19.35"W (Norco). Image courtesy of Nat. Brut.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the archives of famed Mexican architect Luis Barragán? How about his body? No? Well, you will after you read this story. [The New Yorker]

Clint Eastwood recently referred to Millennials as the “pussy generation,” proving once again that he is as obnoxious and out of touch as he did when he spoke to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention. We’ve all heard that kids today are coddled and can’t take a joke, but maybe we’re just tired of negative attitudes and offensive behavior? [The Ringer]

The Whitney Museum is hosting a retrospective of photographer Danny Lyon’s work. His images show the striking similarities between life in the ’60s and today, and just how far we haven’t come. [Hyperallergic]

In the heat of America’s political upheaval, legendary cartoonist Jules Feiffer offers a timely graphic novel, a seedy crime story that also helps to explore new artistic realms for the author/illustrator. [A.V. Club]

Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain explore the history of the relatively new genre of narrative oral history and detail the six steps necessary to craft a perfect piece. [Lit Hub]

Confirming what everyone has long known to be true, a new study shows that film buffs often enjoy “trash” films, a peculiar phenomenon that does not seem to extend to avid readers, art critics, or audiences of any other medium. Thank you, Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, for this revelation. [Independent]

We are in love with AnnieLaurie Erickson’s Slow Light images of eerily incandescent refineries. Rarely does horror come packaged in such beauty. [Nat. Brut]

Our friends at Conflict of Interest interviewed Sean Gaulager, the beloved head of Co-Lab Projects here in Austin. Read the interview, and then check out their book release party happening tonight at grayDUCK Gallery at 7. Their first year’s worth of online content, compiled into one beautiful book: it’s the best of Austin’s art and lit worlds in one coffee table treasure. [Conflict of Interest]

—Samuel Hersh and Sean Redmond

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