weekend links: Marina Abramović, the Menil, Austin Jukebox

Thornton Dial
Thornton Dial

Thornton Dial, Tiger on the Run (1992). Image courtesy Hyperallergic.

Marina Abramović caused controversy this week when an “uncorrected” galley of her memoir revealed an offensive portrait of Australia’s Aborigine people. The artist has apologized, saying the remarks reflected her earliest impressions from before her 1979 visit, but her remarks, unsurprisingly, have left many unsatisfied. [Mashable]

The Menil Collection is one of Houston’s greatest treasures, and it recently acquired an important trove of work from Stephanie and John Smither. Although we have mixed feelings about the “outsider artist” label, we can’t wait to explore these art brut additions to the Menil’s already impressive assortment. [Hyperallergic]

When was the last time you noticed the clothing described in a novel you were reading? It’s the details that count in writing, and a description can really set the scene, or ruin it, depending on the writer. Here is a look at some of the best (and worst) in fictional apparel. [The Millions]

Catch up on your bovver rock history with this fascinating look back at the little-known post-glam subgenre. [The Guardian]

Poet Paula Bohince draws parallels between poetry and classical Japanese painting in this insightful interview that explores the subtle beauty of nature and its impact on Bohince’s work. [Lit Hub]

Experimental Response Cinema has been a staple of Austin’s avant-garde-film-loving community since 2012, and we’re excited to see them getting some increased attention. [Austin Chronicle]

The Austin Jukebox series brought reclusive NYC act Richard Papiercuts to Austin in February for one of the best shows of the year. What have they got in store for us this weekend? We don’t know, but they promise that their headliner “will be an Austin milestone,” and we’re apt to believe them. At the least, they’ve got Austin legends Knife in the Water on the bill. Catch up on their late ‘90s classic Plays One Sound and Others and get excited. [Noisey]

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