weekend links: Matthew Griffin, Holy Wave, West Austin Studio Tour


Dave McClinton,


. On display at Art Austin Refugees. Image courtesy of

Austin Chronicle


We haven’t yet read Matthew Griffin’s debut novel, Hide. But his short piece “Notes From My Book Tour”—which features uncomfortable water sipping, elderly canine statistics, and hotel room fire protocol—has convinced us that we should. [Lit Hub]

Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love, died this week at 70. Joe Blevins has a nice roundup of some notable pieces on the late journalist, novelist and boxing enthusiast. [A.V. Club]

In case you missed it: Prince’s private chef speaks, and it is everything you could have imagined and more. Chocolate fountains! Light-up bedtime boots! Quiche and milkshakes! [Food & Wine]

Texas-based artists (and occasional collaborators) Abinadi Meza and Lina Dib work in an often overlooked genre: sound art. In an interview with the two, critic Divya Murthy explores what sound art is, why it is important, and how technology influences it. [Arts & Culture]

Do yourself a favor and read some micro-fiction by Callie Collins, co-director of local indie press A Strange Object. [Conflict of Interest]

Do yourself another favor and listen to local psych band Holy Wave while you’re reading! [Austin Chronicle]

Big Medium’s fifth annual West Austin Studio Tour kicks off this weekend. The self-guided event includes more than 300 artist studios, galleries, temporary exhibitions, happenings, and partner programs, most of which are free. Check out a full list of events and participants at Big Medium, or pick up a catalog at your local Austin Public Library branch. [Big Medium]

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of that list, take a look at these critics’ picks. [My Statesman, Austin Chronicle]

–Alyssa G. Ramirez