weekend links: the post-apocalypse edition

Presidential Losers
Presidential Losers

Nina Katchadourian, Monument to the Unelected (2008/12, ongoing). Image courtesy Hyperallergic.

Wednesday morning we awoke to find that a misogynistic idiot is our new President, but we can take solace in one thing—there are now more women and more women of color in the Senate than ever before. Girls run the world. #Beyonce2020 [New York]

Given the circumstances, it is important to keep fighting against the normalization of Trump and his racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic rhetoric. The threat of autocracy is real and should not be minimized. [New York Review of Books]

San Francisco’s Prop S—a proposition that would allocate a fourth of the city’s hotel tax to art funds and homeless families—was on the ballot this week. What could have been a future model for sustaining urban art programs across the country failed to gain enough votes. Now artists can continue to bring money into rich pockets while emptying their own. [VICE]

As part of an effort to make Russians proud of their heritage, plans to erect a giant statue of Vladimir the Great in central Moscow continue, despite public dissent. The sculptor argues that the ruler is as important to Russian history as George Washington is to ours, if he, too, had come to power by having his brother killed. [The Guardian]

Each election season, artist Nina Katchadourian exhibits her ongoing collection of campaign lawn signs for politicians that lost their elections. In her “Monument to the Unelected” you can weep for all the losers out there. [Hyperallergic]

Comedic hope may be what gets us through this post-election nightmare, so here’s a start, if you’re up for a laugh. [Electric Literature]

And to top off this miserable week, the brilliant Leonard Cohen died yesterday. Here’s a look at his life of depression, relationships, spirituality, and why he thought recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan was better than he was. [The New Yorker]

—Katie Lauren Bruton

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