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portfolio: Rick Pieto

Rick Pieto’s Glitch Poems combine traditional poetry with both intentional and random imagery, including symbols, numbers and letters. Pieto’s piece, 4squares, serves as the cover of our summer 2019 issue. Rick Pieto is a visual poet and writer living in the Silver Spring, Maryland area.

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portfolio: Mickey Aloisio

Queens-based artist Mickey Aloiso’s photography project From Europe, With Love captures Aloisio’s experience traveling through queer communities in some of Europe’s largest cities. From Europe, With Love consists of classically conceptualized yet bizarre images that subvert our conventions of beauty, sexuality—and Instagram photos.

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portfolio: Natasha Zeta

Natasha Zeta is a multidisciplinary artist from Philadelphia. Nature Nurture is a series of 35mm photographs that depict found natural objects in stark comparison with parts of the artist’s body, demonstrating a beautiful harmony between the human body and the natural world.

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