issue 7

issue 7


Issue 7 features a profile of Chicago no wave punk act Forced Into Femininity and interviews with artists Tammie Rubin and the New York-based duo MSHR. It also features interviews with poets sam sax and ire’ne lara silva, the author Wendy C. Ortiz, and sound artist and curator Tara Bhattacharya Reed, as well as a collection of interviews with Austin-based Latinx artists Karma R. Chávez, Adrienne Dawes, Maribel Falcón, Chitah Daniels Kennedy, Jose Padilla, and Jesus I. Valles. It includes short stories from Andrew Cothren, Shannon Perri, and Anna Rimoch, and poetry and visual art from a wide array of artists, including a portfolio of photography from Courtney Allen, whose work is featured on the cover.

featured artists

Courtney Allen
jasper avery
Lauren Ball
Tara Bhattacharya Reed
Michael Brown Jr.
Karma R. Chávez
Monica J. Claesson
Andrew Cothren
Ryan Thayer Davis
Adrienne Dawes
Dalton Day
Maribel Falcón
Forced Into Femininity
ena ganguly
Vanessa Marie Gonzalez
Chitah Daniels Kennedy
Caroline Larsen
Jakob Maier
Sangram Majumdar
Anna Meister
Wendy C. Ortiz
Jose Padilla
Shannon Perri
Este Puerta
Anna Rimoch
Isabelle Rose
Tammie Rubin
sam sax
ire'ne lara silva
Jesus I. Valles
Xiaoyan Zhao

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