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in review: Contesting Modernity: Informalism in Venezuela, 1955-1975

Contesting Modernity: Informalism in Venezuela, 1955-1975, presents a comprehensive look at the work of a country exploring the liberation of democracy while battling the injustices of a global capitalist system. Editor Sean Redmond explores these tensions in a review of this compelling exhibition, on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston through January 20.

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in review: The Endless Summer

Madame Nielsen’s novel The Endless Summer is an elegy for youth, a sensuous reflection on its fleeting promise and unrealized possibilities. Nielsen touches on gender, sexuality, love, death, and art, but, like her characters, those themes largely remain archetypal, opaque. Rather, Nielsen emphasizes the power of language in memorializing life, in imbuing it with meaning.

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in review: Belly Up

In Belly Up, all of Rita Bullwinkel’s characters are ghosts, haunted, or both. The cast of ghosts includes: dead strangers, dead husbands, dead neighbors’ husbands, husbands in prison camps, the people that frequent 24-hour donut shops, Floridians, and more.

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in review: The Mars Room

At the center of Rachel Kushner’sThe Mars Room is Romy Hall, who tells of her life before and after receiving a life sentence. Authenticity is something that Kushner does best: her prose makes it easy to identify with Romy’s mindset and circumstance.

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