issue 2

issue 2


Featuring profiles of LA punk-pop songwriter Colleen Green and Louisville’s Cropped Out festival; interviews with poster designer Anna Wanda Gogusey, writer Elizabeth Crane, and zolo keyboardist Slugbug; and a portfolio of images from traveling cyclist/photographer Greg Clarke. Also features short stories from Hannah Pass, Elizabeth Crane, and Zoë Miller; poetry from Chad Bennett, Paula Mendoza, Jim Redmond, Malcolm Friend, Erin Mullikin, and Leslie Marie Aguilar; and visual art from artists including Jonas Criscoe and Timothy D. Brenner.

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featured artists

Leslie Marie Aguilar
James Ardery
Chad Bennett
Timothy D. Brenner
Elizabeth Chiles
Greg Clarke
Elizabeth Crane
Jonas Criscoe
Ryan Davis
Malcolm Friend
Anna Wanda Gogusey
Colleen Green
Dyllan Hersey
Paula Mendoza
Zoë Miller
Erin J. Mullikin
Hannah Pass
Jim Redmond

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