issue 3

issue 3


Issue 3 features profiles and interviews with artists including Jonny Negron, authors Malcolm Brooks and Susan Hope Lanier, experimental beatmaker Gobby, punk trio Xetas, and others. It also features short stories from William Akin, Zachary Kocanda, and Meredith Luby, and poetry from Greg Lawless, Liam Powell, Tatiana Ryckman, and others. Kendal Kulley is the cover artist, and the issue features a portfolio of her work.

featured artists

A.K. Afferez
William Akin
Amy Bedik
Paul Bregazzi
Malcolm Brooks
Peter Burzynski
Patricia N. Dalinis
Sousan Hammad
Dougan Khim
Zachary Kocanda
Kendal Kulley
Susan Hope Lanier
Greg Lawless
Meredith Luby
Kikuko Morimoto
Jonny Negron
Liam Powell
Tatiana Ryckman

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