issue 4

issue 4


Issue 4 features profiles of New York-based conceptual artist Kate Weigel and Chicago poet and filmmaker Dakota Loesch; interviews with Austin slam poetry champion Loyce Gayo, Montreal’s dark synth chanteuse Marie Davidson, artist David Kramer, and authors Nick Jaina and Lily King; a portfolio of work from colored pencil master Joe Sinness; short stories from Elisabeth Murray, Jo Vraca, and Torrie Jay White; and poetry from Madeleine Barnes, Ally Covino, Brett Foster, Brad Liening, Jake Matkov, Austin Rodenbiker, and Cassandra Verhaegen. It also features artwork from Kimberly Benson, Diane Englander, Maggie Hazen, and Manik Raj Nakra, whose piece Untitled (from The Tigering! series) adorns the cover.

featured artists

Madeleine Barnes
Kimberly Benson
Ally Covino
Marie Davidson
Diane Englander
Brett Foster
Loyce Gayo
Maggie Hazen
Nick Jaina
Lily King
David Kramer
Brad Liening
Dakota Loesch
Jake Matkov
Elisabeth Murray
Manik Raj Nakra
Austin Rodenbiker
Joe Sinness
Cassandra Verhaegen
Jo Vraca
Kate Weigel
Torrie Jay White

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